Our Process

Recieve Documents from Source

A source document is the original record containing the details to substantiate a transaction entered in an accounting system. For example, a company's source document for the recording of merchandise purchased is the supplier's invoice supported by the company's purchase order and receiving ticket.

Document Preparation

Doc Prep is the process of preparing documents for imaging. Documents that are not properly prepared can damage expensive imaging equipment and can negatively affect the overall quality of images.Doc prep is required for documents submitted for payment or other administrative processing and approval as well as documentation submitted for imaging directly to Imaging and Documentation Services (IDS).

Document Scanning

Document scanning is the practice of using scanners to convert paper documents into digital images. More businesses are scanning documents as a way to cut costs, increase productivity and improve access to their information. In this blog post we discuss the benefits of document scanning and offer tips for digitizing your hard copy records.

PDF Creation

Throughout the scanning process, We have high-speed scanners use an ultrasonic multi-feed page detection that will stop scanning if more than one page is fed into the scanner. Projects are monitored via LCD Screens in real-time that look for folded documents, streak lines and other imperfections. We also cleans their scanners every hour to ensure the highest quality images and then change it in PDF.

Document QC

Through a 100 percent Quality Assurance review of scanned images, We checks documents for scanning accuracy and quality. If there are any imperfections - skewed images, discoloration or speckling- the pages will be rescanned.

Indexing / Bookmarking

Once scanned, We indexes or creates metadata for every converted document and creates a filing or folder system at the customer's request. We create an electronic tag to allow users to find the document in various open-market databases or file systems.

Final QC

Using a new team with fresh eyes to verify accuracy, index fields are checked against the original document.One last, high-level quality assurance step is taken before exporting the documents and preparing them for delivery.

Upload to Server or Data Mangement Software

We can deliver files as .pdf and .tiff files, per the customer's requests. There are staff members that can integrate the documents into more than 25 existing document management systems and upload it to server according to client's need. You can contact us for the list or Data Mangement Software.

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